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Is there a chart for dual-type Pokemon in inverse battles, similar to this chart?


I'd like to do competitive inverse, and figuring out everything is annoying. I'd like a chart that simplifies inverse matchups.


All you had to do was search it :I
MK Y U no answer?
It's only a single type chart. I've already seen it.
It's only set up as a single type chart but you can also match them up for dual types. For example, dark and dragon now resist fairy, so anything that is Dark/Dragon (looking at Hydreigon) 4x resists fairy. It's just using logic, not that hard.
um, Dragon and Dark are weak to Fairy, not resistant to it.
Inverse battle Terlor
:< i dun goofed
I realize this, but having a detailed dual-type chart would make it much simpler, and leaves less room for error.
Edit: CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS!!! Me and wilsonna1 are currently collaborating on this project!

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I have been working on an inverse type chart, just for you. It's still in its infant stages, but feel free to view it.

Here it is

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Yes, sorry, I have a lot of homework as of now.
That's fine. I know that feel.
I finished Poison. If I have time, I'll start Ground.
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For anyone who looks at this thread:
This helps calculate for a specific Pokemon's defensive type coverage, including dual-type. Not meant for offensive calculation though.