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I have considered transfering the 252 EV's from Defense to Attack or from Defense to Special defense. Currently, I'm planning to distribute the EV's in Def, Sp.Def, and HP. But is the attack really worth investing? I've seen a lot of suggestions to invest in attack not in defense. BTW, I already have Tyranitar as a Special wall. And what ev spreads can you recomend for Ferrothorn?

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It depends on your moveset though, but as you already have a special wall, you can go with

Ferrothorn@rocky helmet/leftovers
Trait: iron barbs
IVs: 0 spe
Relaxed(if rocky helmet)/brave(if leftovers)
-gyro ball
-seed bomb/power whip
-leech seed

Curse is to boost the attack and defense and to cut speed which makes gyro ball hit even harder. Seed bomb if you want accuracy and power whip for power. Leech seed for recovery.
This is a good set for ferrothorn if you don wanna invest in both defenses. And whether it is advisable to invest in attack or not depends on the rest of your team.
My ferro is defensive and special defensive because I have too many physical attackers on my team.

Hope I helped :)

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Thanks wilsonna! I edited it
Thanks! This set really helped me win a lot of battles.
You're welcome :)