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I managed to breed one with 31 IVs in everything bar sp. atk, and it has a Jolly nature. Even with a positive nature in speed, should I go for 252 Atk/ 252 HP/ 4 def?


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You're best keeping that spread, as you dont want to lose bulk to outspeed a threat that another teammate can handle. Some examples would be Jellicent, who you waste power or bulk on just to hit a ThunderPunch (if you are using that), and will still fail to OHKO, and thus get burned. Besides, Jelli also runs Speed EVs, so it's not even a guarantee. Scizor would be another great benchmark, but has Bullet Punch, which, after a Swords Dance Boost, you will NOT want to stay in.

Although an Adamant Nature is preferred over Jolly, if you have the patience to breed for one (another "perfect" Mawile), that is.

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No not really.


Mawile has a terrible Speed Stat of only 50 and even when Mega Evolved it Speed Stat remains the same.

Mawile also cannot learn Agility or Rock Polish to double it's Speed Stat. So you are best to EV invest it in Attack, HP and Defence.

Mawile has 9 resistances and 2 immunities, to Poison and Dragon types respectively and has decent Defence and Special Defence when Mega Evolved so should be able to tank a few hits.

If you are wanting Mawile to attack first I would recommend giving it a priority move such as Sucker Punch.

Hope I helped :)

Look on the bright side, at least it's faster than Munchlax.
Lmao 5 base speed stat xD