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Aside from the fact that you can.


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In X & Y, yes. Once you have fully EV trained a Pokemon (including those 4 EVs) you gain access to Secret Training, where you can get the evolutionary stones and wings.

Otherwise, not really, but 4 EVs can be the difference between 1 HP and 0 HP, since 4 EVs boost a stat by 1. That and the EVs are always nice to have.

Also, if you are splitting EVs, say 252 Speed, 128 SpAtk and 128 SpDef, that uses 2 of the 4 EVs.

Kinda what I was expecting, just wanted to see if there were any other reasons.
I edited it a little bit and added on about splitting EVs, as you can see up there ^^^
"... the difference between 1 HP and 0 HP..."
Thought of Shedinja. LOL
You can't boost a Shedinja's HP stat :P