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Can someone please tell me where to find TM11 in SoulSilver, I really need it for my Typhlosion!
And it would be very nice if you could also tell me where SolarBeam and Brick Break pleease!

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TM 11 is Sunny Day
>From a woman on 3F after defeating Team Rocket (Goldenrod Radio Tower)


Solarbeam is TM 22
>Goldenrod Department Store (Purchase Price - 3000 Poke Dollars


Brick Break is TM 31
>Battle Frontier (Purchase Price - 40 BP)


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Waaaaaiiiit... TM 11 is Brick Break AND Sunny Day?!?!?! lol typo
Ha! sempai you sak.
ikr I sak
Probably got it from being around you too much