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Hello, I was trying to figure out how I should make my Rapidash's move set and realized that so many people put 3 entirely different moves to cover Rapidash's weaknesses when solar beam has the ability to cover all the weaknesses In one move. But then I realized that Rapidash's Sp.Atk wasn't as good as it's physical (I guess it slipped my mind) so are there any stratigies to help solarbeam become more effective? (methods, held items, ect.) or would it be better off going on a different Pokemon? Btw it is for a SunTeam so solarbeam will charge in one turn.



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Okay so you could have Rapidash hold a Grass Gem which would raise the power of Solarbeam by 50% the first turn you used it, both after that, no. Honestly I wouldn't use Rapidash, I'd go with something like Infernape or Darmanitan. Also, when you are making a moveset, covering weaknesses is great, but don't focus the moveset entirely on covering weaknesses, make it geared toward the specific role your Pokemon plays, and if that's sweeping, you don't always want to cover weaknesses, but any defensive counters, as well as getting the widest range of coverage possible (hitting the most Pokemon unresisted/super-effective).

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