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I think sunlight is more related to fire than grass, isn't it? I know plants can absorb light, but a beam of light. So, why is solar beam a grass type move?


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Here are 2 reasons:

  • Because Game Freak made it that way
  • No where does it say that Solarbeam fires a beam of light, it just absorbs sunlight to make energy, which it then uses to create the beam.
Well, but it looks more like light and it actually use sunlight -_-'
lol B3N, NO1974 what's your problem with this move. It's a grass move and that's it and as B3N said it doesn't fire a beam of light, it absorbs the sunlight to make the energy which is made into a beam.
Take it easy Artist KS, I just said it looks like :P
ok, i just didnt want a whole argument starting up
So do I need to change my profile desc. From fire/water to grass/water???
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I would assume because it has to do with absorbing sunlight, and the only things that absorb sunlight would be plants. They use it for energy. So Game Freak must've thought, "What if they shot the energy back out in a concentrated beam of light?"

And voilà, you have Solarbeam.

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Because the plants absorb the sunlight to survive. And the plant use this sunlight that is absorved to launch a beam.