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Which move is overall better? I'm looking to put one on my torterra, I have a power herb so I can use solar beam in one turn per match but is it worth it? Thanks!

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Do you plan to use this Torterra competitively or against NPC trainers ingame? If it's competitive, what format? If it's ingame, which game?
Is there a reason you don't want to use wood hammer or seed bomb?
Wood hammer takes a good chunk of hp when used and I can't learn seed bomb because it's an egg move and I can't teach it on my torterra i'm pretty sure.
Also i'm kinda looking to use it more on the npc trainers in pokemon y
Against most opponents, wood hammer is almost twice as strong as seed bomb. You can simply use synthesis if you lose too much HP. And unlike solar beam, you can use wood hammer on 2 turns in a row.
Since Torterra can learn sunny day I would go with solar-beam, but it would be helpful if you told me your full moveset choices.

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First Let See Torterra Stats
Torterra Stats :
HP : 95
Attack : 109
Defense : 105
Sp Attack : 75
Sp Defense : 85
Speed : 56

secondly You definitely know :
1. Solar Beam have 120 base power and Energy Ball have 90 base power, Solar Been have 25% power higher than Energy Ball
2. However Solar Been don't have additional effect and Energy Ball have 10% change to lowering target special defense
3. Solar Been is charge move, however since you have power herb is not problem

Both is not bad move, however Torterra Attack is higher than he special attack, I suggest you can go with earthquake or seed bomb, both have power bigger than Solar Been and Energy Ball, by the way if you want special attack move, you can go with Solar Beam if you want use I competitive battle since power herb is single use in game, and go with Energy Ball if you want play in game only, hope help

Power Herb + Solar Beam is outclassed in competitive too because you can just use Grassium Z.
The asker said he/she/it is playing Y, where I'm pretty sure Z-moves don't exist.
Good catch, my bad.
oh i am sory, i dont remember grassium Z