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Here's what happen: I was in a multi battle, and it was my Shiinotic, Lillie's Comfey, and some kid's Altaria and Typhlosion. Long story short, Typhlosion uses Sunny Day, and the next thing turn, it was about to use Solar Beam, but, out of a weird coincidence, instead of Typhlosion finishing the move Solar Beam in a Sunny Day, I placed it to sleep with Spore.
Is this by any chance normal?

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Let me emphasis: Typhlosion was about to use solarbeam in a sunny day, but I put it to sleep with spore.
Was your Shiinotic faster than Typhlosion (were you able to call an attack before the Typhlosion's attack was called)?
no my Shiinotic was pretty slow.

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Altairia likely had Cloud Nine, which negates the effects of weather.

oh crud that explains it.