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My illogical theory:

It's most likely due to the fact that it's a move use in rage. The Pokemon doesn't stay collected enough to decide a target and just goes on a rampage.

That's the reason most people avoid these attacks in doubles/triples.

Hope I helped :)

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Then y doesn't it hit the partner lol?
maybe the pokemon is angry with it's opposition?
...sometimes I have no idea what I'm saying
Well let's go about it like this: when you're very angry with a group of people (bad enough you want to beat them up) you don'y go ahead and beat up your best friend instead now do you? I guess that's what they meant there.
I think its because petal dance, thrash and outrage are affecting the user, because they're enraging themselves, so the attack is aimed at them. And then it hits a random opponent.
worst case it could be gamefreak logic  -_-