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Okay, I lost the link to the moveset generator for serebii.net so I would also like that. The moves are Outrage, Safeguard, and either Thrash or Petal Dance with a preference towards Petal Dance. STAB would also be nice.

related to an answer for: How much damage does Outrage do?
According to my calculations on the site, Venusaur and Meganium can learn the three (with Petal Dance, not Thrash). As can Smeargle, however with Sketch.
Only Torterra can do it with Thrash and not Petal Dance.

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here's the link. Have fun finding sets.

I'd rather have the site improved anyway. #1 rank=overrated.
Can I be number one then :) I understand about you working on this site and I can't wait for the improvements. pokemondb=#1 pokeon site.
I really think smogon is overrated, I like the pokemon info, but I hate how much they praise certain pokemon and moves, then say others are bad or useless.

I only use it for it's giving Pokemon Tiers. No other site does that. That gives me an idea for a suggestion!
I agree with both of you. Smogon is the main team for judging which Pokemon goes where, tiering, etc, but they're full of excluding, arrogant losers who have no appreciation for the actual Pokemon, but only the numbers that make them up.

They make me angry. >:/