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Who can Mega Evolve, Like The Champion And Her Pokemon Gardevoir, Who are all the others? (besides The Player, of course.)


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The characters who can mega-evolve their Pokemon, apart from you, are:

  • Lysandre can mega-evolve his Gyarados at the final battle (after capturing Xerneas/Yveltal).
  • Diantha the Champion will mega-evolve her Gardevoir when you challenge her.
  • Serena/Calem will mega-evolve her/his Absol when you battle her/him in Kiloude City.
  • Korria will mega-evolve her Lucario atop the Tower of Mastery once you defeat her Gym.

...and of course:

the other player who wants to battle :3

Hope this helped!

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Serena/Calem, Lysandre and Diantha are the ones who can Mega-Evolve their Absol, Gyarados and Gardevoir respectively.

Other than those 3, of course, the player can also Mega-Evolve his/her Pokemon.

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It's Calem
You forgot the fighting type gym leader Korrina
why not mention the other player who wants to battle :3
I know this is very old but still I gotta say there's a trainer in the maison at a high level that can mega a lucario
It is korrina who mega evolves her lucario up on mastery tower