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Pretty simple is there a difference? If so what is it? If not then why do they have both? Just have all the Pokemon learn one of them! Please give a source! Thanks!


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Effectively, no, there isn't a difference.
They are both Normal-Typed, with 5 PP, max. of 8. They have the same effect, ensuring the next attack will hit. As for why they have both, only Game Freak can give a definitive answer. But, Lock-On seems more mechanized, while Mind Reader is more Psychic. They could have all Pokemon learn one or the other, but they've already introduced them both, so there's no point now in switching the moves.

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smeargle with both moves is a pretty good reason. Coupled with 2 1HKO moves.
Thanks!  I wondered if Mind reader was for YOUR Pokémon (so if they switched out you would still hit) and lock-on was for their pokemon (so if you do double or triple battle), but I guess not!
Yeah. It's kinda like having both Protect and Detect. No real reason.
Or (for items) a pokedoll and a poketoy.
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The difference is the Pokédex entry and the Pokemon that learns them. They both is normal status and 5PP each.

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There's NO difference.
They have both, maybe, for example magneton is more suited to have lock on than mind reader where as it's vice versa for articuno. Imagine if magneton had mind reader lol..

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