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I really don't wanna buy it.


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You will have to buy it, you can't pick it up on any route like in the previous games. I'm pretty sure all evolutionary items like that have to be bought in the battle mansion in X and Y. I know, its annoying.

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Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Evolution-inducing_held_item#Razor_Fang
Note that some other items have say something like "held by wild" if it's with Pokemon. (like Metal Coat is "held by Wild Magneton")
Go on super muilti. After one battle you get 2BP and after 11 battles you get 3 BP
This didn't really need to be an answer, as its not answering the question 'Razor fang location in pokemon X?', its more answering the question 'What is a quick way to get battle points so I can buy the razor fang in pokemon X?'. You should put it as a comment.