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I want to get all of the evolutions of Pokemon with stones, but I already used the ones from Bill's Grandfather on a Staryu, Weepinbell, Growlithe, and Pikachu. Everstone doesn't do anything, Lickitung!

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You can get everstone from wild Geodudes/Gravelers and one from Professor Elm if you show him Togepi.

In Pokemon crystal you'll have to get the numbers of a few trainers and occasionally they will offer stones:

Fire Stone: Schoolboy Alan, Route 36
Water Stone: Fisherman Tully, Rote 42
Thunder Stone: Lass Dana, Route 38
Leaf Stone: Pickniker Gina, Route 34

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Yeah, I just got a Fire Stone from Schoolboy Alan. I'm still waiting for the Water Stone and Thunder Stone while Waiting for eevee eggs, and hatching eevee eggs.
ohter than thos tho, thee is no other way of getting evolution stones (save moon stones).
ehm... I used my moon stone on my jigglypuff// IT ZO KUTE!
I meant that there are very different ways of getting moon stones and you don't get them from Bill's Grandfather.