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In Bulbapedia it says the anime has not shown any Pokemon actually breeding or creating the egg but has the anime shown a Pokemon that is a parent of an egg or another Pokemon?

P.S. Kangaskhan don't count

How can you guys forget LARVITAR!!?!  D:

"Ash had a Larvitar he hatched from an Egg given to him by Professor Elm to deliver to its mother"
Wow they did forget Larvitar.
In the movies there's been Zoroark depicted as a parent as well.
i couldn't possibly go and list them all down (i would've still missed larvitar tho lol) so i decided to give wut in my opinion, was the most farfetched example :P

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Yes, there is.
And although this might sound unbelievable, it actually Lugia.
Other than this, I'm pretty sure that there have been many referances in anime to parent and child.
Hope I helped!

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I can't remember the exact episode numbers, but I know Arcanine has been shown as a parent at one point. Lugia was as well, which considering it can't breed in the games is interesting.

Do you at least know the episode name?
I just looked it up - it is called On Cloud Arcanine. It is AG139 if that helps you.