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why did shuppet change colors?

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I believe its just the transition from Gen III to Gen IV and even to Gen V. There isn't a real reason, mostly because the graphics were poor, but just look at these Pokemon who also have color difference from generations (I specifically chose Ghosts to match the theme :3).


Hope I helped. I got all the sprites from here. P:

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But he/she said "(I specifically chose Ghosts to match the theme :3)."
Yeah, but it's once ;-;
There was no need to edit in another set of sprites. I think hes made his point. And plus, Kabutos colours dont even change that much. :P
Yay, someone agrees with me
I don't see how adding sprites causes a fuss. Once doesn't mind that the sprites were added, so just leave it alone.
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Game Freak are the only ones who can properly answer this question, but I think it's becuase the Game Boy Advance had graphic limitations, and couldnt properly render Shuppet's dark purple color.
OR, simply, Shuppet's first design was grey, and in gen 4 Game Freak decided to change it to purple because they didnt like how the grey color looked (the purple is way better looking imo).

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thank you both