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How much will the King's Rock increase the flinching?

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Maths with a Keyboard. Here we gooo:
The chance to flinch given by a King's Rock on a move with already a flinch chance is calculated with this formula: "flinch rate" + ("flinch rate"- 1)x .1
So that means flinch rate = 30 + (30 - 1)x .1

                                                = 30 + 29 x .1
                                                = 30 + 2.9
                                                = **32.9%**

So henceforth the flich chance for a Rock Slide benefitting from King's Rock will be 32.1%
Source: This for the formula and the rest is basic arithmetics.

EDIT: This is for until Gen 5, and since then, flinch rates do not stack anymore. Sorry I realized this after all that stupidity lol.

Hope I helped!

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