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So i'm thinking about running Me First Accelgor with King's Rock. If the opponent uses a contact move but I use Me First, do I get a chance to flinch them before they attack me? Like, if they use a contact move, I use Me First, can I flinch them and stop them from attacking and just pretty much steal their move?

First, I don't see why it wouldn't work. Second, king's rock only has a 10% flinch chance, so it wouldn't be reliable even if it works. Third, two of your sentences mean the exact same thing.
sumwun, he's probably not a native speaker.
The strategy which you're speaking about would work as described roughly 1 time out of 10 due to King's Rock's meagre chance to actually cause any flinch. I'd advocate against using such a strategy, and instead use a Specially-based Accelgor.
1 I'm a she, 2 I am a native speaker -.- 3 the reason why I'm interested is because I'm preparing for a tournament, VGC 2016, meaning LOTS of mega Rayquazas, but since M-Ray NEEDS to use Dragon Ascent before it Mega evolves and Dragon Ascent is contact, I was wondering if I could just stop it from moving while my Palkia takes it out
It's much easier to just use Pokemon that can take a dragon ascent. The chance of a critical hit is less than the chance of king's rock not working.

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I'll test this by using a team of 6 Accelgors versus 6 Tangrowth's with constrict and see what happens. Before actually doing this, I'm gonna guess that it'll work. Eventually.

And there we go, only took 12 turns. This should work in-game since Showdown is designed to be an identical battle simulator for it.

Good luck developing a strategy with this though. It is rather hard to use king's rock effectively. I'd recommend giving that Accelgor Water Shuriken as well. Hope this helps :)

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