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I am at Marquis. Is this the highest rank?

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I used to be Duke, but I restarted my game.

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Grand Duke / Grand Duchess is the highest rank in the Battle Chateau. It is two ranks higher than Marquis.

As you can see, you must first get the title of Duke/Duchess by having 295 points, after that you must defeat all noble trainers, excluding gym leaders, elite four and Diantha.

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Nope but here´s a list :D

  • Baron / Baroness
  • Viscount / Viscountess
  • Earl / Countess
  • Marquis / Marchioness
  • Duke / Duchess
  • Grand Duke / Grand Duchess

A tip to get higher rank is to do Silver Writ of Invitation as you are Marquis to get more NPCs to battle and Writ of Challange to get more rewards and better perfomance

Source and being a proud Marquis

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The ranks are:

Baron/Baroness - Beginning
Viscount/Viscountess - Defeat Five Trainers
Earl/Countess - Defeat 20 Trainers
Marquis/Marchioness - Defeat 40 Trainers
Duke/Duchess - Defeat 140 Trainers
Grand Duke/Grand Duchess - Defeat All Trainers in the Chateau

So to answer your question, the Grand Duke is the highest rank you will receive and it is unlocked by beating every trainer in the Chateau.