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I want to train my Combusken even more so it can evolve, and I think my Aron holding the exp share will get more exp too.

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It existed back then?
It's existed since GSC.
Oh wow, I'd never heard of it till BW.

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You need to get the Lucky Egg off of wild Chansey or Blissey in Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green (5% chance of the item being held) and then trade a Pokemon holding it to Emerald.

There is no other way to get a Lucky Egg in Emerald.

Source | Chansey Page

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Dangit....i'm like 50 seconds behind you...
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The Lucky Egg can only be found by a wild Chansey (only available via FireRed LeafGreen). It is attached on wild Chansey, and there is a 5% chance a Lucky Egg will be attached on it. The Lucky Egg must be traded over to Emerald from FireRed or LeafGreen.


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