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I want to find a Lucky Egg quick, but I just can't seem to find it anywhere. Isn't it on a Pokémon?

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ono this.

Steps to get a Lucky Egg (to quote a perfectly written WikiHow):

  • Acquire a Pokemon with the "Compound Eyes" ability (recommended)
  • Acquire a Pokemon with Frisk (optional),
  • Acquire a Pokemon with either False Swipe (to make catching it easier) or Thief (so you can just steal it afterwards)
  • Go to Route 209.
  • Encounter a Chansey using Pokeradar *
  • Fight (or capture) each Chansey you get, and it might be holding a Lucky Egg. You can check its held item with the ability "Frisk" or, you could use the move Thief to acquire it without having to catch it.
  • ???
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*Use the Poke Radar until you find a Chansey. Afterwards, bring out the Pokemon with Frisk, and if it has Lucky Egg, either catch it or use Thief. If it doesn't, knock it out and repeat. Remember to take the Lucky Egg off after using Thief.
Beware another wild Pokemon other than Chansey that could break your streak, though.

Okay, sorry that last bit was a joke. Either you catch the Chansey and get the Lucky Egg or use Thief. Remember though, that this is very tiresome and repetitive work.

Further tips:

Make sure your first Pokemon (the one with Compound Eyes) are both at least Level 21 because you will need it to make sure the Repels will prevent your Poke Radar from breaking the streak.

Pokemon that know Frisk are: Bannette, Stantler

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It's simple actually.

In the grass patch right above Solaceon Town, you can find wild Chanseys. When you meet one, try your luck and use Thief on them (do not bother to catch them it's extremely difficult to).

You can get the TM for Thief on the right of the Galactic Eterna Building (cut the tree, then go to the right of the building, and cut another tree). Teach it to a Pokémon, preferably Gligar as it is quite bulky.

Most of the time, Chansey will be holding an Oval Stone and make sure you remove Gligar's item before using Thief too.

Good luck!