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I need one for my team. If it's possible, how do I get one?

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Stealth rocks are taught by the move tutor in Gen 5. As for hidden ability, I don't really know. I don't think you can get it in-game, and GTS is no longer supported on Generation 5 so I'm not sure its possible unless you already have one or can do a local trade with someone who has one.

EDIT: If you teach Shuckle stealth rock in Gen 5, the use pokebank to send it to X/Y, then breed it with an HA Shuckle without Stealh Rock, I think the egg will have the move. However this is just a theory that I have no way of testing.

EDIT TO EDIT: Never mind.

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K thanks!
Tutoer moves cannot be passed on, that's why some combinations like Weavile with Icicle Crash (egg move only in Gen 6) and Low Kick (Tutor move only in Gen 5) are not possible.