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Both of which 5IVs.

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Please give me a thorough comparison.
There really is no way to answer this question without know the team you want to use it on, since they're both different types.
I agree, charizard x is great but what if you had a different mega?
What if you wanted a sweeper that could outspeed a certain pokemon that counters it? What if you team got wrecked by Rotom? There isn't enough background.

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Char X is a great wall breaker with access to Sword Dance and Dragon Dance. With his speedstat of 100 he speedties with Salamence and gets outsped by Garchomp by 2 points.

With 130 in SAtk and Atk it even can go mixed! With his unique typing in OU it has a great set of resistances and easy to cover weakness and a great immunity to Will O Wisp.

Talonflame has Gale Wings Swords Dance and an amazing speed stat of 126. With a Life Orb Boosted Brave Bird it takes apart teams if you are not prepared for it. Too bad it is countered quick by Rotom, something Char X isn't

So I would go with Char X

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