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When I was reading the pokedex on here, it says you can get Glameow on Diamond on Route 211 and 218. I thought you could only get Glameow on Pearl? Is it possible you can get Glameow on Diamond? If so let me know.

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I think that's what you're asking. Grammar was hard to make sense of. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Unfortunately no.

Since the Nintendo DS WiFi is down, you cant trade it from Pearl or Platinum and there is no in-game trade for Glameow or Purugly.

(You can get it by owning both Pokémon pearl and Pokémon diamond and owning 2 nintendo ds. If you do, you can trade over it using the infrared trading system)


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I believe you still can because you can still trade locally without using WiFi connection. Catch it on Pearl and I think you can locally trade it to Diamond. Of course you'll need two systems along with Diamond and Pearl, or have a friend lend his or hers to you.