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  • Pikachu is your starter Pokemon who doesn't like you at all at first
  • Brock states that he wants to be a Pokemon breeder after you have defeated him
  • Pidgey can be caught in Viridian Forest
  • Team Rocket have an Ekans and Koffing which later evolve into Arbok and Weezing
  • You receive a Bulbasaur from Melanie once Pikachu has a strong bond with you
  • A kindler named Damien gives you a Charmander
  • Lt.Surge has one Raichu
  • Giovanni has a Persian on his party
  • A.J wields a Sandshrew and mentions the infamous 100 wins
  • Joe and Giselle from the School of Hard Knocks battle you with a Weepinbell and Cubone.
  • Pikachu refuses to evolve

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There's a Jigglypuff in the Pewter City Pkmn Center that puts Pikachu to sleep when you interact with it.