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Like a shark or bear attack for us, I know it says that some Pokemon are territorial and such, but what about actually attacking/killing humans?

mimikyus dex entry says someone looked under its cloth thing and died of shock
I'm pretty sure that in the manga, there's a Haunter or Gengar that went around killing people in Saffron City.
Bewear hugs its trainer to death.
...Man, I just read the dex entries for Beware, that thing's horrifying.
Which leads to the question.... does Team Rocket have unbreakable bones, because they're hugged by that thing at least 50 times, to no injury.
Gyarados destroys villages, and villages contain people
Easily half the Ghost type pokemon say something about luring people to their deaths.  Interestingly, the other half are all thought to come into existence as almost a reincarnation of a person who was killed under various circumstances.
So many Pokedex Entries state that a lot of Pokémon kill people and some even eat their souls

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Oh my gosh, yes. I am not gonna answer all of them, because that would take way to long, but some examples are Gengar killing humans for “fun”, Bewear hugging there trainers to death, Mimikyu scaring trainers to death, etc. But yes, there are most definitely references to Pokémon killing humans.

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