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If so, when do they happen? And what Metroid game are they referencing? Also, side games count.

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Isn't Metroid on a completely whole different machine? I don't think it is popular enough for the Pokemon games to reference it.
What do you mean by "completely different machine"? I thought Pokemon and Metroid games were with the same company. Also, thanks sumwun.
They're both Nintendo licensed but that doesn't mean they'd necessarily have anything to do with each other, especially since they have different developers
So this is technically about Pokemon so we can't flag it...right?
I don't think this breaks any rules, unless someone else already asked this question.

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According to Bulbapedia, the answer is no. However there are many video games, songs, books, names, movies, and items that are referenced. I did not link, but you can check out the link from sumwun.

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To be honest I can only name a few that doesn't revolve around Pokemon theory

Moonstones- how a meteor stroke down on mount Moon and plenished moonstones and clefairy needing a moontone to evolve it

Meteor fall- Oviously it's called meteor falls for a reason in hoenn

And I'm not sure if deoxy's count but it was crashing towards earth before it's turn into it's form