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Excluding the uses of glitches or hacks, is it possible to run out of berries completely? It doesn't have to be all berries, just any kind of berry like leppa or oran. I'm not just talking about not having any in your bag. If so, what game(s) and what kind of berries can you run out of? Note that this means you can't get it at all, so being able to grow them, using abilities, NPCs giving you them, and finding them on plants or on the ground don't count as completely running out.

Special event ones (like that berry gift mystery gift in SM with things like jaccoba berry) can't be gotten again after the event has passed and they've all been used
If your battery runs dry in the older games (RBY, GSC, RSE)  you can't grow berries anymore. So if you use all the ones they give you, you can run out.
I know it's possible to run out of Belue berries in RSE because nobody gives out unlimited Belue berries. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of other examples.
Also you can become unable to grow berries by tossing all your berries. This method is often a lot easier than getting a dry battery.

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you can potentially run out of berries in those cases :
.Like sleepy dreepy said event exclusive berries can't be gotten after the event time passes and or they've all been used
.if you don't replant berries in older and time based events do not occur for any reason the berries you plant will never regrow and so you can run out.like Kyogre Pulse said
.If you do not replant berries, you use all berries in older games and the game doesn't have a berry shop you could also run out.

those are all figured out. Hope I helped :D