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I have the pokeradar in Pokemon x, but I can't use it! I try to use it and it says the "(name) there is a time and place for everything, but not now." When I try and use it! I'm in the grass, I go to my menu and press it, but that happens! Please help!

Edit: I read this, but it doesn't help me! I can't even USE it! I press on it and it gives me the message! I charged it and everything! I know you need to be in grass, but it still won't work!

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The most likely solution to your problem is that you are in a place where you can't use the Poke Radar, such as at the Friend Safari or in tall grass. If you tried to use it in one of those places, there's your answer! Otherwise, please comment where you attempted to use it. Hopefully then I'll be able to help you understand why.

Hope I helped!

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I tried the friend safari! I thought then I could choose what pokemon I could chain! Ok thanks!
Anytime. :)
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Don't quote me but I think you have to be in grass. Use it and you go to the patches that move

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U can ride the bicycle outside the grass for a little bit then get off the bicycle and walk in the grass (1 step) and use it