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I just got a shiny Pachirisu from PokeRadar in my Pokemon Y. I got it at around chain number 45. It has 3 perfect IVs! How is that possible? I never knew a Pokemon from the wild could have any perfect IVs let alone 3. What are the other possibilities of a Pokemon from PokeRadar having perfect IVs? Is it possible for a Pokemon to have more? If yes, at what number in the chain? I'm still chaining at around 60. still going.

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A Pokemon can always have perfect IVs.

Wild Pokemon as well. Any number of perfect IVs, but it is based on luck.

However, I have found something about chains affecting IVs, but I am not sure if it's true since it isn't official(it is tested though).

The higher the chain, the higher the number of perfect IVs. Sadly you can only get 3 guaranteed perfect IVs like this.


As you can see, up to a chain of 20 you will not have any perfect IVs guaranteed. From 21 to 40 you will have one, 41-60 you will have two and from 61 onward you will have 3 guaranteed perfect IVs.

Since you had your chain around 45, you were guaranteed 2, and got the third one by luck.

Hope I helped.

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I'm pretty sure it's 30-39 is 1 IV, 40-50 is 2 IV, and 51+ is 3 IV. I haven't chained for a while now, but that's what I remember from shiny chaining. I managed to get a few 3 IV Dittos this way and it was 51+, and not 61+.
I don't understand though, the shiny patchirisu I got has three perfect ivs, but I got it at a chain of 42 isn't it only suppose to have one?
You just got lucky. A chain of 41-50 should have a minimum of 2 perfect IVs, doesn't mean it can't have 3.
Oh I get it now thank you for your help!