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Mons in the friend safari will always have three IVs
They actually only have 2 31 IVs

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Honestly there isn't really an exact figure, so I'm going to leave in at, extremely difficult in game, not as difficult by trade but still quite difficult.

In Pokémon X and Y, the Old Amber can be found randomly in Glittering Cave by smashing rocks. If brought to the Fossil Laboratory, Old Amber can be regenerated into an Aerodactyl. You would literally need to keep soft resetting for ages until you got one that met the requirements you were looking for. Even though by trading it can be just as difficult you probably have a better chance of getting one with the requirements you want, as many players will have already bred Aerodactyl several times. As well as this, players who have Pokémon Bank can also transfer RNG and Pokegen Pokémon to Pokémon X and Y.

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i have like ten pokes with three max IVs and i was curious if i was extremely lucky or not
No problem, glad I could help :)
There is an exact figure... o3o
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Well, let's do some math! Yay!

There are 32 possible combinations of IVs from 0 to 31. You want 31, so that's a 1/32 chance you get that 31 IV.

Problem is, you want three 31 IVs. The formula for this would be 1/32³, since there are 32 possible combinations, and 3 IVs you want.

Doing the math, this leads to 1/32 32 32, or a 1/32768 chance of getting a Pokemon with 3 IVs of 31.

Pokemon in the Friend Safari already have 2 31 IVs right off the bat. This means you'd have a chance of 1/32, since there is only one more combination to fill.

Source: Experience with this type of question before and calculator

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