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I've been thinking about how to deal with Slow Start, and I thought maybe I could use Topsy-Turvy and instead of Attack and Speed being lowered for 5 turns, they would be raised, but I'm not sure if it'll work. So tell me, does Topsy-Turvy work if the stat change was caused by the Pokemon's own ability?

You can counter Slow Start with Cofagrigus.  Send them into a Double battle and use Aerial Ace with Regigigas on Cofagrigus.  Slow Start = gone!
Or you can do it the mainstream way and use Gastro Acid.
The idea is to turn it around though, so it's an attack and speed boost for the first 5 turns, so that it's completely OP in NU.
That's actually pretty cool.

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No, this would not work.

Slow start doesn't count as a stat lowering. (as in it doesn't count as one of the stat changes caused by moves that lower or raise a stat by 6 stages) It doesn't show the stat lowering animation when Regigigas comes out. It just halves the attack and speed stats, much like Huge Power, which boosts the attack, but it doesn't count as one of the 6 stat change stages.

Source: Using Regigigas in game

I hope I helped!

EDIT: the 6 stat change stages are:

For raising a stat, +1 (the first stage) is the stat multiplied by 1.5, +2 is multiplied by 2, +3 is by 2.5, +4 is by 3, +5 is by 3.5 and +6 is by 4.

For lowering a stat, exactly the same as above, except the stages have - before them, and they are divided by 0.75, 0.5, 0.25 etc.

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The entire edit bit was unnesesery and irrelivent, but ok, that ruins a plan of mine for battleing...
You could always baton pass him speed and attack boosts with a shedinja or a scolopede.
Just so you know, dividing by a decimal (0.5) makes things bigger. For lowering stats they are still multiplied just by the decimals you posted not by whole numbers.