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Regigigas's ability is Slow Start, the Pokemon itself is quite impressive, but when it comes to its ability, its a quite letdown. I took this quote from Serebii.net and it said " Slow Start: Attack and Speed is halved during the first five turns in a battle. "

So my question is, Does he has to be in battle for 5 consecutive turns in order for it to regain its original attack and speed? Or is it possible if I battle for 5 turns and then send it in? or send it in on the first turn withdraw it back, 4-5 turns later I put it back in?

I know the first part is 100% correct. I mean 5 consecutive turns, but would the other ideas ( questions ) work?


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None of the two other ideas will work.but if you use Gastro Acid on it,it would remove the affects of slow start.but this can't be done in the Japanese Diamond and Pearl.