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Okay. I was told Inkay can help. Otherwise please give me solutions. I need solutions that make slow start USEFUL. Not just ones that make slow start go away.

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Even in the most far fetched situations.
I already said it would take less damage from gyro ball.
I just saw this.

Trick Room doubles, maybe? Use Slow Start Trick Room speed for setup? Does Regigigas even have that much to setup with beyond Substitute? I don't use him much...
Does Trick room affect Regigigas? If so I think that’s what I’ll use it for (as well as Mega Alakazam troll).
Trick room will let Regigigas outspeed stuff, but moving first isn't very useful if you do close to 0 damage.

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Okay. I just tried this and it worked really well. Its very, very situational but I sent out Regigigas when someone else sent out mega alakazam and it traced slow start. I then used thunder wave + knock off and goodbye Alakazam...
So it can work, its just very very situational. At least slow start can be used for something...


you copyed an answer from the one who asked the question. Lol
Yeah I guess so... got a replay? XD
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Can you get one XD