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It always wondered me what competitive Smogon tier Regigigas would be in if it didn't have Slow Start, but let's say Own Tempo or another classic ability without too much effort gained from it. Based on:
-How strong would it be against common Pokémon in specific tiers?
-What would the (biggest) counters be?
-Are it's movepool and stats great enough to be used it this tier?

Because of Slow Start, Regigigas is currently in PU, the "worst" tier for most fully evolved Pokémon. The tiers that exist , wich go higher the more a Pokémon's competitive value is, are:

What would you think?

(This question also asks for someone's opion but there definitely is also some logic in this. Feel free to flag this question if you believe these kinds of questions shouln't be asked)

*its movepool. Also, ability swapping with Regigigas is a common tactic in double/triple battles. Skill Swap, Entrainment, Worry Seed, Mummy, etc.

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Definitely. Not much debate there. It has phenomenal stats which are very well rounded. Base 160 Attack with 100 Speed to back it up? That's hard enough to deal with. Add in tremendous HP and fantastic defenses and you have yourself a monster that is banned to Ubers before you can say "Regigigas is in PU".

That said, it would still see little or no usage, owing to its poor movepool. Sure, there's diversity, but not the brute force one sees in Geomancy Xerneas' Moonblast or M-Rayquaza's Dragon Ascent or V-Create.

Knock Off, Thunder and Ice Punches, along with Earthquake would dominate most standard sets with some variation from time to time, in the form of support with T-Wave, or set up sweeper with Rock Polish (late game demolisher) or the occasional Stone Edge/ Heavy Slam in place of either of the two punch. Maybe even Zen Headbutt. See, they're all good moves, but not strong enough by themselves.

Given its typing, it's not as threatening as others in Ubers, but nevertheless will not be allowed in OU.

One thing to keep in mind is Z-moves. It can utilize Z-moves to some extent but to be honest, others can too, and hence it's not a game changer.

As for threats, anything which is slightly faster and can hit harder fits the bill. M-Gengar with Shadow Tag + Destiny Bond is basically the de facto counter, providing a fail safe like no other. Further, Burn massively cripples the Continent Pokemon and renders it useless for the rest of the game. Sure, Rest can be used, but Ubers is generally too strict with such passive styles of playing.

To sum it up, owing to Stats (BST), Regigigas would almost certainly (over 90% chance, which is an arbitrary estimate, but I mean very likely) be banned to Ubers. Unfortunately, Ubers wouldn't treat it kindly, making it sink towards the lesser used side of the same, along with Arceus Grass or something obscure.

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I agree with your points, thanks a lot for answering! Man, that's what such a worse ability like Slow Start does with you. You can look forward to more questions like this from me soon! ;-)
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Without Slow Start, Regigigas would definitely be in Ubers.
In stats, typing and movepool, it is very similar to Mega Kangasakhan, barring Parental Bond. While it may not be able to use Power-Up Punch as a pseudo-Swords Dance, or get a 51% flinch chance with Rock Slide, all of its base stats are higher (except for speed, which is the same), peaking in its insane 160 base Attack, compared to Kangaskhan's 125. Plus, Regigigas can hold an item, while Kangaskhan is stuck with a mega stone. (Now that being said, it's still outclassed by Kangaskhan in most scenarios because, even with the Gen 7 nerf, Perental Bond is just that good)

Its 100 base speed puts it in a decent, but not outstanding, speed tier, which can be remedied with a Choice Scarf or Rock Polish (even though RP would probably be uncommon). Additionally, it has an amazing movepool: the Elemental Punches, EQ, Stone Edge, Superpower, Zen Headbutt to counter fighting, recovery through Drain Punch, and STAB Crush Grip (max 121 power if opponent is at full HP) or Return. Its 110 HP/Def/SpD will allow it to absorb hits, and possibly heal it off if it has the aforementioned Drain Punch.

The one thing its movepool leaves it vulnerable to are ghost types, with few SE options outside of Knock off, which means Marshadow would probably be one of the most reliable counters for it. Being immune to its STABs, and capable of surviving Regigigas' Zen Headbutt (252 Atk Regigigas Zen Headbutt vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Marshadow: 246-290 (76.6 - 90.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO), Marshadow could switch in, absorb any attack Regigigas throws at it, then outspeed and OHKO it with Close Combat.