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Is it possible that the reason why regigigas has this ability is because it's has been sleeping for so long? Sorta like the "I hate getting up in the morning" kind of thing?

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Regigigas is always sleepy, also I thought the same thing, Pangaea would have been a way better ability name and I hope it would have a better effect.
Well that's True.
Its Pokedex entries don't mention anything about being lazy or sleepy, although the fact that it was based on the Golem suggests this might be true. By the way, the Golem was supposedly sealed in an attic, while Regigigas was sealed in a basement.

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Slow Start is given to Regigigas for the same reason Slaking has Truant and Shedinja has 1HP. It is there to intentionally, although temporarily, cripple a Pokémon that would otherwise be extremely dangerous. You'll see this guy in doubles a lot, paired with someone who can change its ability. The game makes it hard for Regigigas to stall its opening turns - it's one of very few Pokémon that can't learn Rest for this reason.

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Great green hams, you provided a good answer, and that is true for regigigas can't learn rest, because I'm guessing it already had it's rest.
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Consider the fact that Regirock, Regice, and Registeel also lay dormant for a great many years in circumstances very similar to RG. And they got Clear Body.