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I have a really strong regigigas and its ability is a pain (this is on pearl)

I transferred a Regigigas from Platinum and EV trained its speed and atk rather than its hp and atk but it didn't make a difference at the start.

Would Quick Claw be a option (though it only works 10% of the time)? I'm rather desperate.

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well, you could use a skill swap pokemon in a double battle...
i thought of that i was just wondering about items and all that

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Skill Swap, Mummy, and Gastro Acid will get around it just fine. These will eliminate Regigiga's ability. And no, while Quick Claw can make you go first, there's still that halved attack.

Also Worry Seed too.
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Yes it's possible, when you put it that way......But keep in mind that it's illegal to have one on it in WiFi battles with DB members (I think).