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Simply put:
Where can I get (or how can I get) a Regigigas without Slow Start?

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Regigigas will always have slow start outside of battle, but if its for a big battle that you want to use Regigigas in, you could always just use skill swap (?).

Sorry that answer didn't help a lot :/

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No, that actually helped quite a bit. The only problem is can it learn Skill Swap?
I dont think it can, so youll need to swap it off with a different Pokémon in doubles or triples
I thought that in doubles, you could just use Gastro Acid on Regigigas.
Or just use Entrainment.
Is that in Gen VI?
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Nowhere, because there is no such thing as a Regigigas without Slow Start.

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To be technical, you COULD gen or hack a regigigas without slow start, but obviously that would make it illegal for use online and all in all, you're best off swapping out its ability in doubles or triples like Fancy Greninja said.

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