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How exactly does Regigigas' Slow Start work in Rotation Battles? I was brainstorming some random ideas for the Circle of Legends online competition coming up, and I came up with Regigigas / Mewtwo / Mega Diancie / Kyogre / Thundurus / Latios. Still working out the kinks, but I got to wondering if I could send out Regigigas and two other Pokémon, then stall out the five turns of Slow Start with the other two. Then Regigigas is free to smash things.

Does Slow Start reset when you rotate Regigigas in a Rotation Battle?


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Yep, Slow Start resets.

>Rotating is different to switching in that it doesn't use up a turn, reset status conditions like confusion and bad poison, or reset Ability counters like Slow Start. Rotating Pokémon are not hit by Pursuit nor are they affected by Shadow Tag or Arena Trap. Rotating does not trigger Abilities that trigger upon switching such as Natural Cure.

Source(s): Bulbapedia, Gamefaq

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Crapsicles. Thanks anyways.

GF really do hate Regigigas, don't they :( inb4 Mega Regigigas with Huge Power.