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I've been trying a few times to breed a Flabebe with various Pokemon in the Fairy breeding group. So far the egg guy has said "they don't really like each other." Do natures affect whether Pokemon like each other or am I just getting unlucky? Or is there something else going on here?


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No, breeding compatibility depends on Species and OT (Original Trainer). The best chance for an egg is to have Pokemon of the same species and have different original trainers. If they don't get along you most likely are using two Pokemon of the same species and same OT or different species and different OT. Or even worst different species and same OT. Though I can see where you are coming from with the Nature thing. Personal wise we look at their natures and see like a personality haha. But in-game the natures determine which stats may be strengthen or weaken. Or in some cases where the Nature is neutral thus neither strengthening nor weakening stats.
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Natures do not affect that.
If they don't like each other it will just take longer to get the egg.

Two Pokemon can always breed when:

  • They are in the same Egg group
  • They are the opposite genders

Or if one of the parents is Ditto.

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As immortal said it is not affected by natures.
the day care man said "they don't really like each other." because they can breed.
They wont be able to breed if he says something like "they prefer to play with other Pokemon than each other"
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