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I had 3 questions about breeding. First, how does passing down Iv's work? Does it pass down all the parents ivs that is holding a destiny knot? Second, is there a way to guarantee that you will pass down a parents ability? Also what parent's ability is more likely to be passed down? 3rd, Is there a way to guarantee to pass down nature? Thanks!

if you give a Pokemon an everstone, the offstring will ALWAYS have that pokemon's nature.
if 2 parents have diff abilitys the chance for the offspring to get each ability is 50/50.

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First Question

When a parent is holding a Desting Knot, it passes down 5 of the 6 IV stats from either of the parents. The IV stats it passes down are random.

E.g. You could get the IV stat in HP and Attack from the father, and you could get the IV stat in Defense, SP. Atk and Speed from the mother.

Second Question

There is no way to guarentee the passing down of the mother's ability, unless there is only one ability.

If there are two abilities, there will be a 50% chance of getting either of them.
If there are three abilities and if the mother has the hidden ability, there will be a 33.34% chance of getting any.
That's the best you can get.

So the egg's ability has an even chance of being any of them, whether there be one, two or three abilities available.

If you want the offspring to have the hidden ability, but it is the father who has it, then in Gen 6 only the father can pass down that hidden ability if it is bred with a Ditto.

Third Question

Yes, there is a way to transfer the nature of either parent to the offspring, and that is with the use of an Everstone. Prior to Gen 6, the offspring had a 50% chance of having the same nature as the parent who held the Everstone, be it the mother or the father. In X and Y, it was changed to a 100% chance, so now it is even easier!

Hope this helped!

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Destiny Knot
When breeding Pokémon the offspring automatically inherits three random IVs from the parents. However, if you have one of the parents hold a Destiny Knot while breeding the offspring will instead inherit five random IVs from the parents. It does not matter which parent holds the Destiny Knot, either way there will be five randomly selected IVs passed down.

For example: If you have a perfect, 6 IV Ditto and you breed that with another Pokémon with 0 IVs in every stat there is a chance the offspring will have 5 stats perfect IVs, 5 stats with 0 IVs, or anything in between such as: 31/0/31/0/31/19.

Starting in Black 2 and White 2, there is now an 80% chance that the female parent will pass down it's ability to the offspring. This does not apply if Ditto is used as either parent.

For example: If you breed a female, Anticipation Eevee with a male Pikachu there is a 80% chance the resulting Eevee will have Anticipation and a 20% chance the offspring will have either Run Away or Adaptability.

In Gen 6 if you want to breed a Pokémon to have it's hidden ability you can breed any Pokémon, including male or genderless (that has it's hidden ability) with Ditto, the offspring will automatically have it's hidden ability.

For example: If you breed a male, Technician Breloom with Ditto the Shroomish will automatically have the ability Quick Feet

When you breeding if one of the Pokémon is holding an Everstone the offspring will automatically inherit the Nature of the parent holding the Everstone.

For example: You breed an Adamant Breloom with an Impish Ditto, if the Breloom is holding an Everstone then the resulting Shroomish will be Adamant Nature.

Hope this helped. If you need any more help for breeding your ideal Pokémon here is a useful, user-created breeding guide: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/696959-pokemon-x/67604326

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Ahhh, the wonders of breeding.

IV's: Generally a hatched Pokemon will have 2 of their iv's the same as their parents, this can be a mixture of both parents iv's. When a destiny knot is held it just increases to 5 iv's that are passed on, again this can be a mixture of both parents.

Ability: Abilities aren't as hard, just try and get the female Pokemon to have the ability you want, iirc there is about about an 80% chance that their ability will stay the same. If you are breeding with a ditto and the Pokemon is male there is something like a 20% chance to pass on a HIDDEN ability but I think that if it has its regular ability it is still like 80%

Nature: Simply chuck an everstone on the Pokemon that has the nature you want and you are good, 100% chance.

Source: Experience