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Why can't I use Orre caught Pokemon in the GTS?

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I have a Lugia Zapdos and Moltres that I have retained from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and I can't use them on the GTS. I understand that event Pokemon like Diance, Deoxys, and the like can't be traded because they have a specific ribbon that doesn't allow them to be traded, but my Pokemon don't have that. They have a 'National Ribbon' which originally was something else, because they were 'shadow Pokemon', but they weren't event Pokemon, I can play the game again and catch 'em again like with any other Kyorge or Ho-Oh so I don't understand why I can't use them.

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The National Ribbon is also considered a blocked ribbon, as well as a few other ribbons stated in the source.

I can't exactly find a reasoning for why, but the reason it's blocked is because of that Ribbon. Sorry.

Hope I helped. :)

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Ah I see, thank you! I hope they change it for these pokemon because that's just bologna.