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I already know what OU (Overused) means but I don't truly know the rest. So when giving the answer could you give at least one example for each? Also what makes them fall under a certain catergory? I can tell the OU in the Pokemon world Aegislash & Talonflame i'm guessing because I see them pratically in like every team, or is it just me?


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First off, the tier the Pokemon falls into is based on usage, hence the names of the tiers.

If a Pokemon isn't used enough in a certain tier, it drop to the tier below it.

OU - OverUsed

These are the Pokemon most often seen in competitive.
Example Pokemon:
Rotom-Wash was one of the most used Pokemon this gen.

BL - BorderLine

These Pokemon are simply those who are more used than the standard for UU and less used to fall under the OU category.

(BL 2 and 3 and so on go by the same formula so I won't mention all of them. They are basically in between every tier.)

UU - UnderUsed

Pokemon in the UU tier are the ones that just don't have enough usage to fall under the OU category. Usually because of having lower stats or worse movepools.
Example Pokemon:

image Umbreon

RU - RarelyUsed

Pokemon that are used less than ones in UU fall into RU/LU (LittleUsed).
Example Pokemon:

image Drapion

NU - NeverUsed

These are the Pokemon that are used the least out of any others, and because of that fall under NU - the lowest tier based on usage.
Example Pokemon:

image Mightyena

Next are 2 extra tiers that aren't based on usage.

NFE - Not Fully Evolved

This contains most Pokemon that aren't yet fully evolved and are in the second from last stage of evolution.
Example Pokemon:

image Gabite

LC - Little Cup

In this tier, only the lowest forms of Pokemon of those who can evolve are allowed. They must be level 5 or lower to be allowed to compete.
Example Pokemon:

image Mienfoo


This is the tier of Pokemon banned from OU for just being too strong for the tier.
A lot of newer players think that legendary Pokemon automatically fall under this tier but that is not true, though there are quite a few.
Example Pokemon:


Hope I helped!

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Immortal can u give me a Complete list of them ?
Sorry for the bump, just wanted to add that here a new tier called PU.
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Pokémon that are seen as too powerful for standard play. This could be due to massive stat total, insane movepool, or the power to over-centralize the meta-game if they were to remain in OU (often, all 3 of these reasons apply). (26 Pokemons)

Overused (OU)

>The standard Pokémon competitive metagame in which Pokémon that are most often seen reside. They are generally recognized for this, their wide move pools and their high potential.
(46 Pokemons)

Borderline (BL)

>Pokemon that are considered broken or too strong for the Underused metagame, yet not used enough to the an Overused Pokemon, fall into the BL, or Borderline. (18 Pokemons)
Underused (UU)

Underused (UU)

>Pokémon that are not commonplace in a competitive environment due to more hindering flaws, lack of usage, or just plainly outclassed. (58 Pokemons)

Rarelyused (RU)

>Pokémon that have nearly crippling flaws and are typically easily outclassed by other Pokémon in OU and UU. (54 Pokemons)

Source and More Tiers!

Ok I understand now :) Thanks!