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There was an event that if you transfer an arceus to your pokemon heart gold or soulsilver version you will be able to get dialga palkia or girantina.
but I got an arceus and I went there as it said but nothing happened.
so I was wondering does it need to be a event arceus?
Beacause it's not

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another DS and Platinum would be really helpful, huh?

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It must be the special event arceus from an event that has already passed so sorry:(

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No! You can do this event twice - both with Azure Flute Arceus and giveaway Arceus! Great, you can get 2 of 3 dragons! Nice, isn't?

BTW, if you traded that Arceus, it may be hacked

Well I don't know if it is hacked or not but if it dint work it's probably because it is not an event arceus.
and I never did this event  before.
and by the way azure flute is not an event right?
It is an event item :(
The Azure Flue was never released however, and is available only through hacks. I believe the only legitamate Arceus was the Toys'R'Us givaway Arceus prior to the Dream World giveaway.
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You can only get them with the special event arceus.

So if I havwe an event arceus I will be able to get them?
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To get Dialga, Palkia, and giratina bring the arceus you get in a special event to ruins of alph in the johto region.