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Is there any reason at all to give a Pokemon a Ring Target to hold? The way I see it, you choose to use a Pokemon that is immune to a particular type, so getting rid of that immunity is not the best idea.


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Or Switcheroo, Thief, Magician, you get the idea. A ring target can be tricked onto an opponent's Pokemon, for example Spiritomb. When holding the Ring Target Spiritomb is viable to fighting type moves, giving him two weaknesses. It can also be used against Pokemon that commonly run Thief, or have the ability Magician. Even so, this strategy isn't used that much, as a lot of Pokemon can hold better items than a Ring Target solely to trick onto foes that have immunities, especially because it isn't really needed, as you can target the Pokemon's other weaknesses.

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The only reason to give a Pokémon a Ring Target is to use Trick or Switcheroo and give your opponent the Ring Target. By doing this you get your opponent Pokémon's held item which if it's something like Leftovers highly benefits you, while giving them in return the Ring Target to take away their Immunity.

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You basically can't use it at all, unless you Trick or Switcheroo it onto another Pokemon, thus taking away their immunity

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I can't believe nobody talked about Klutz. If you give a Klutz Golurk a ring target, and it gets frisked, the opponent would get trolled if they use a normal, fighting, or electric move on it. Hope I helped!