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In HGSS those trades you can make and I want to know if they are normal Pokemons or if they have some kinda special moves like the ExtremeSpeed Dratini.

Receive Pikachu (w/Yellow Shard) from Lt. Surge.
Receive Beldum (w/Dawn Stone) from Steven.
Receive Rhyhorn (w/Passho Berry) from Brock.
Receive Steelix (w/ Soothe Bell) from Jasmine.

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None of the ingame trade Pokemon have any special moves that can't be obtained by other means such as egg moves, TMs, etc.

The closest thing to a special deal you get is with Lt. Surge's pikachu, which gives you a foreign Pikachu (it's French in the English version of the game, English in the japanese version, and may vary depending on what you're playing) that you could use for the masuda method of breeding for shinies.

In the Power Plant in Route 10, you can give a Dugtrio to get a Magneton holding a Metal coat if you want the item.

In the Pokémon Center of Pewter City, there's a guy who will give a Xatu holding a wacan berry in exchange for a haunter.

There are some other trades not listed as well, but nothing with any noteworthy items or moves.

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so the french pikachu works for masuda method?
french pikachu with my english pikachu
Any pokemon work for the masuda method provided they come from different countries of origin.
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What moves they have isn't specified, however, they hold certain items, have set natures and IVs that you might want to check out here.


Sources: Bulbapedia and Serebii
Hope I helped.

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*The moves are regular moves, that the Pokemon can learn.

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