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As everyone knows, you walk up to the second floor in the Pokemon center and talk to the middle receptionist and after you have saved and begin connecting to Nintendo WiFi a box pops up saying, " Nintendo WiFi connection service for this software has been discontinued. Visit support.Nintendo.com for a list of current Nintendo WiFi connection-compatable software. Error code: 20110" well I hop on my cellphone and look it up, and read all info on this particular problem. Well unfortunately I couldn't find an answer to my new question, how do I obtain a friend code now? It said NOTHING about Pokemon black 2 and why I couldn't get a friend code.. So if anyone knows anything please help me out.

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With the official Nintendo Wifi Connection for DS/Wii shut down, you can no longer obtain a friend code. You had to have obtained the friend code prior to the shutdown if you want to use the fanmade emulated wifi services.

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