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Hello guys, I bought a new app today called Pokemon creator app which lets you create Pokemon with specific stats etc. Anyways the app requires a friend code to transfer Pokemon to your DS handheld system. I followed the instructions of a video on youtube but I still could not figure it out. I had my C-Gear turned on, I went to the middle lady at the 2nd floor of the Pokemon center. She said: Welcome to the Pokemon Wi-Fi Club! Would you like to use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection? I tapped the option that said Go to Wi-Fi Club and she says: Oh... Im sorry but you don't have any friends registered on your Pal Pad. The Wi-Fi Club cannot be used if no friends are in your Pal Pad. Would you like to get your own friend code atleast? I tap yes. She says Would you like to launch Nintendo WFC? I tap yes I save the game and go down a elevator. A box pops up saying Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection treats your Nintendo DS Game Card and the system as a set. Save the system's Wi-Fi User Information to this Game card and connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection? I tap yes it connects me to the Wi-Fi. And then it says Error code: 52100

I don't think this is enough to write an answer on because I can't explain it, but this is the Nintendo page for that error code.
You bought this app? You could have used this for free: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?6424-Download-link-and-information
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What might of happened...

  • Communication error
  • Failure to connect to Wi- Fi
  • You would've done that when your at this menu,
    enter image description here
  • Check your DS's or 3DS's Connection Settings
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