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where is this so called "Hidden Room" that is mentioned in the key system and how do you change it?


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You get Regirock by default. Just follow the video. After the battle, you get the Iron Key in B2 and the Iceberg Key in W2.

When you have the key, go to your key system and switch the key from Regirock to Registeel. Then do the same puzzle (stand in the middle of the circle, 6 steps down, 9 steps to the right). Go inside to face Registeel.

Then, find someone with W2, trade keys with them, and repeat the steps above to get Regice.

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The Hidden Room is a room inside the depths of Clay Tunnel that give you access to the Regi trio. Initially, Regirock can be found here after opening the room with a switch found 9 steps right and 6 steps down the door. There are two keys that change the Pokemon found inside: Iceberg and Iron. you get the Iron Key by defeating Regirock in Black, and Iceberg in White. You can get the other versions by the Key swapping of Unova Link. Basically, if you activate the Icebreg Key, Regice will appear and the Iron Key will activate Registeel.

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You go to the underground ruins, where you get to from clay tunnel, and eventually you will get to a place where you must solve a puzzle day and night. Once you solve the puzzle, you can then go to a room where regirock is. After you capture it, in white 2 you will get regice and black 2 you get registeel. You can get the opposite regi by trading the key you recieve after capturing regirock via unova link with the other key. After you catch all the regigs, take them to twist mountain and you get to a room where regigigas is standing. Click on him and you will battle it.

There actually is no puzzle day and night.
I got there in the afternoon and still got it lol
yes there is, to get regirock
I never had to do a puzzle, I just hit the switch.
Dunno if something else was supposed to happen, ad I got there right away...
lol, the puzzle is on the day. the easy crap is on night.